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Life beyond the screen: Coming face to face with technology addiction

Believe it or not, there’s more to life than what’s happening online! In its beginnings, technology was intended to make our lives simpler and more convenient. When technology becomes an addiction, however, it can become dangerous to our mental and physical health, not to mention our personal lives. Avast is a technology and security company. At […]

Making technology simpler: Thanks to my mother

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Some days ago we wrote about scams targeting senior citizens. This group is at risk because generally speaking, they have less computer education than younger people who have grown up in the digital world. I recommended the reading to my mother, thinking she will benefit from it. She thanked me, but said that there were “some things” she […]

2012 Resolution: A Healthy Computer!

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I recently went in for my yearly check up. It got me thinking… what are the things I can do to keep my computer and my identity healthy? You know your computer always has some major servicing when you’ve been meaning to back up all those photos and all the music you’ve got saved on Read more…