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Hurricane Irma puts spotlight on Avast Business partnership for Florida MSP

The customer
Boring Business Systems has been providing essential services to Florida businesses since 1924. In the beginning, they supplied typewriters and office equipment. Today they have expanded this focus to network services. The company has gr…

Part 2: 5 reasons to add security to your MSP offerings

In today’s business climate, SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) are relying more heavily than ever on their managed services providers (MSPs). Keeping the company’s network running in tiptop shape is still the prime directive, but the methods to maintain it have evolved. Cybersecurity services have become a necessary part of the equation. Some MSPs have already adapted to this growing trend and discovered that delivering managed security services has enhanced their own business just as much as their client’s.

Avast Business Endpoint Protection: A closer look at our four AV shields

Last month, AV-Comparatives recognized our new Antivirus Pro Plus software as effective protection against malware and as an ideal fit for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). This high-level of threat detection is also standard in each of our new…

New York MSP ups SMB security with Avast Business

The company

Integrated Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (IES), based in New York’s Hudson Valley, provides IT and cybersecurity services to companies ranging from large enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Co-founder and CTO Eric D. Gorman leads a team of ten experts in serving a diverse client base that includes financial institutions, nonprofit organizations, and more. The needs of these clients are as varied as their respective industries. And, as is common with SMBs, they have limited budgets and even more limited IT resources.

Part I – Innovative MSPs expand to offer managed security

If small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) were cars, IT service providers would be the mechanics. Their technical know-how keeps the company’s computer network—the engine—processing at peak performance and functioning with full force. But with the current high level of cybercrime, and the many ransomware variants, SMBs are more vulnerable than ever to serious downtime threats. To properly protect their SMB customers, this means adding managed security services.

New Avast Business Products earn ‘Approved Product’ Award from AV-Comparatives

We’re proud to share that our new Avast Business products were just recognized as Approved Business Products by independent security testing organization AV-Comparatives. In its recent 2017 business software review, AV-Comparatives evaluated a range of managed security products for companies with Microsoft Windows networks and tested the Avast Pro Plus Antivirus solution and new on-premise and cloud-based Management Console. 

WPA2 Wi-Fi vulnerability demands efficient tools for securing business networks

Due to a new security vulnerability uncovered on Monday regarding WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access II) protocol, it’s been a busy week for IT teams tasked with securing business networks—not to mention employee devices and machines.