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Obad.a – What You Need to Know About the Latest Android Threat

With the convenience of our mobile apps, we increasingly rely on our phones for work and play.  But did you know that those same apps might be leaving you vulnerable to some nasty mobile viruses? The worst type of malware, software that damages your computer or mobile, is a Trojan.  Trojans are a particularly insidious Read more…

House Keys Under the Doormat? Nope, in Your Phone

One of my friends recently locked himself out of his apartment. I found this out when I called him, because while he didn’t have his keys he did have his smartphone. This was one of those times he wished he lived in one of those hotels with the Assa Abloy NFC enabled locks.

It turns out he doesn’t need to go to a hotel to open his door with a phone. Kwikset will soon be selling Kevo, a new deadbolt that can be unlocked with a bluetooth enabled phone. You can switch out your old door locks with one of these newer models