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Mr. Robot Review: eps 3.4_runtime-error.r00

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Episode five begins with a bang. It’s Monday morning at E Corp. Elliot sits down at his cubicle and attempts to log into his company account. It’s been locked out. Did somebody try to access his domain too many times or did E Corp spot his shipping hack? We know from the previous episode that it’s the latter and Angela is to blame.

New Avast Cleanup Pro: Give your Mac the ultimate “cleanover”

It’s a common misconception that Macs run perfectly from day one until the day you give it away. We wish that were true. Macs may be the sportscars of the IT world, but just like all cars, they need proper maintenance to continue to run. There are two primary reasons for Mac slowdowns and related issues—the hard disk filling up and errors with so-called caches. (We’ll dive into this below.)

New Avast Business Products earn ‘Approved Product’ Award from AV-Comparatives

We’re proud to share that our new Avast Business products were just recognized as Approved Business Products by independent security testing organization AV-Comparatives. In its recent 2017 business software review, AV-Comparatives evaluated a range of managed security products for companies with Microsoft Windows networks and tested the Avast Pro Plus Antivirus solution and new on-premise and cloud-based Management Console. 

Are cybercriminals spying on you? Here’s how to stop them.

It has gotten so easy to hack a webcam that simple online tutorials are available for anyone who does a basic Google search. Forget the dark web, this is all out in the open and you, unfortunately, are the star! Webcam hacking has become so prevalent that even Mark Zuckerberg and James Comey, experts in the realms of web culture and security respectively, keep tape over their own webcams, showing the world they are firm believers of “better safe than sorry.” Yikes.