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Are cybercriminals spying on you? Here’s how to stop them.

It has gotten so easy to hack a webcam that simple online tutorials are available for anyone who does a basic Google search. Forget the dark web, this is all out in the open and you, unfortunately, are the star! Webcam hacking has become so prevalent that even Mark Zuckerberg and James Comey, experts in the realms of web culture and security respectively, keep tape over their own webcams, showing the world they are firm believers of “better safe than sorry.” Yikes.  

First MWCA was a rousing success!

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Tens of thousands of attendees converged upon the Moscone Center in San Francisco last week for the first Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA), a meeting of thought leaders in the mobile world. There were exhibits, press events, booths, demonstrations, lectures, and discussions. In addition to mobile, a big topic on everyone’s mind was cybersecurity for the internet of things (IoT). With increasingly more household devices becoming “smart” and connected and operated via mobile app, people are realizing the necessity of cybersecurity for everything.

One new logo. Infinite possibilities.

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For decades, Avast has been successful in providing top-rated, endpoint security for small and medium-sized businesses, including institutions of healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing and real estate, keeping their data and employees safe. Avast has enjoyed an exciting ride, including incredible growth organically and through acquisition. We’ve had a lot going on to keep us strong, but unfortunately, a lot of that growth has complicated the portfolio of brands we offered our business customers.

The catalyst for change
The acquisition of AVG Technologies last October gave Avast an SMB Security Business that was suddenly bigger than ever. Along with that came multiple brand names serving the same business market which—while creating an amazing opportunity for us—also created complexity for our customers. It became clear that it was the right time to put together a plan to unify our brands into one Avast business brand, which we unveiled this month.

1 + 1 = 5
Like all good brand strategies, ours follows business and product strategy. Our goal for the SMB business unit was to take the best technology from both AVG and Avast and create one unified line of products that best serves our customers. By focusing our attention on the Avast master brand, we leveraged its global recognition and strength, and also highlighted “business” in the logo to reinforce our commitment to our business customers.  

Equifax website hacked: Now what?

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Here’s what we know: consumer credit report giant Equifax announced today that hackers have exploited a vulnerability in the Equifax website, gaining access to names, addresses, birth dates, social security numbers, and in some cases, driver’s license info. This breach is among the largest on record in the U.S., affecting 44% of the entire population.

A game of cyber cat-and-mouse: Preview of Avast IoT presentation at MWCA

Constant pursuit. Near captures. Repeated escapes. Hackers and their targets seem to be caught in this unending loop of cat-and-mouse action. The hackers pursue incessantly, and while their targets may sometimes escape, at other times they’re not so lucky. How can we change the game?

Real-time threat intelligence at Avast

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Meet our Network Operation Center. Its main display is an enormous world map that constantly receives new information about malware threats from over 400 million sensors around the globe. The map displays points of light, representative of the cities in which our protected users reside. (User location is approximated from their IP addresses.) The info this map receives essentially arrives in real time, or within four seconds. When a threat is detected, we immediately take action to identify and block the cyberattack. This aggressively proactive defense is necessary, and it’s made possible using AI-based and machine learning technology—what we call “next-gen cybersecurity.”