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Black Vine: Formidable cyberespionage group targeted aerospace, healthcare since 2012

The Black Vine attack group not only breached Anthem, but targeted multiple industries with zero-day exploits and custom malware since 2012.Read More

Black Vine: Formidable campaña de ciberespionaje dirigida al sector aeroespacial y de salud desde 2012

El grupo de ataque Black Vine no sólo violó Anthem, se dirigió a múltiples industrias con exploits de día cero y malware personalizado desde 2012.

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Scarab attackers took aim at select Russian targets since 2012

The Scarab attack group has been distributing back door threats, Trojan.Scieron and Trojan.Scieron.B, to Russian-speaking individuals both inside and outside of Russia.Read More

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스캐럽 공격 집단은 러시아 국내외의 러시아어 사용자를 대상으로 백도어 보안 위협인 Trojan.Scieron과 Trojan.Scieron.B를 유포해 왔습니다.

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Tracking PDF Usage Poses a Security Problem

Looking back this year’s RSA Conference, you might have the feeling that the current threat landscape is primarily a series of advanced attacks. This concept includes well-known advanced persistent threats (APTs) and zero-day vulnerability exploits. To respond to this trend in threats, McAfee Labs has launched several innovative projects, one of which we call the Read more…

Travnet Trojan Could Be Part of APT Campaign

Attackers use all kinds of attack vectors to steal sensitive information from their targets. Their efforts are not limited to only zero-day vulnerabilities. Malware authors often exploit old vulnerabilities because a large number of organizations still use old vulnerable software. The Trojan Travnet, which steals information, is a classic example of malware that takes advantage Read more…