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“Good Samaritans” return lost phones from Avast experiment

Twenty Android mobile phones were intentionally lost in The Lost Phones social experiment that Avast security analysts ran for 5 months. The story is about how Avast Anti-Theft was able to track the phones and follow the journey that some of them took after being found. But four of those phones were returned to Avast […]

How the Avast ‘Lost Phone’ experiment worked

We trust our free app Avast Anti-Theft to track down lost phones, but we wanted to put it to the test in a real-world situation. So five months ago, we bought 20 Android smartphones and installed three security apps on all the phones: Our free Avast Anti-Theft app, Lookout Mobile Security, and Clean Master. Each […]

Avast Wi-Fi Finder helps you stay connected wherever you are

Many of us have found ourselves in situations in which we need Wi-Fi connection and are unable to find it easily. Since we’ve become used to being connected to safe and steady Wi-Fi networks at home or in the office, it can become frustrating and inconvenient when we’re unable to establish a quick connection and […]

¿Dónde está mi teléfono? Avast Anti-Theft lo sabe

Hace unos días recibimos en Twitter un mensaje de Juan José, usuario de Avast en su teléfono móvil, en el que nos comentaba que, gracias a Avast Anti-Theft, pudo recuperar su teléfono perdido. Mientras Juan José paseaba por Sevilla, se dio cuenta de que su teléfono móvil ya no estaba con él, lo había perdido. […]

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ステルス性を備えた Android.Fakelogin は、デバイスで実行中のオンラインバンキングアプリに合わせたフィッシングページを上書き表示します。

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Android banking Trojan delivers customized phishing pages straight from the cloud

Stealthy Android.Fakelogin overlays a phishing page tailor-made for the banking app that’s running on the device.

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シマンテックは、Youmi 広告ライブラリの Android 版がユーザーデータを収集していることを確認しており、これまでにもすでに遮断してきました。

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Big things are in store: Become a beta tester for Avast Mobile Security!

Have you ever served as a beta tester for one of our mobile apps? The release of the latest and greatest Avast Mobile Security is right around the corner, and we want YOU to help us make our mobile security app the very best it can be. It’s important to emphasize that the beta version […]