Social Content: Videos and Security

Videos are hot these days. People are posting home-made videos of everything from their cats to romantic rants or new songs. Some clever companies are starting to use customer video feedback for social outreach as well, hooking into this new viral craze. Sports fans like me have seen the competitions for the best customer-made commercial on TV, and looked up our favorites on YouTube.  

However, with all these videos being created, it creates a new vector for virii or other malware to be downloaded when people view the clips. It's clear that videos and testimonials are important to the future of marketing and social media, so what remains is a clear need to create, upload, and share videos more securely.

Buzztala, one of Symantec's partners, has created a Social Video Platform to work with businesses that want to let customers upload videos, testimonials, and other social networking content. Buzztala is running SSL on their hosting platform, and adds the Norton Secured Seal to help customers and businesses feel more secure in how they exchange and save information.

Last week Symantec and Buzztala hosted a Webinar titled, “Building Trust with Your Customers Through Social and Mobile Content.” The new social media: It's all about building ROI, and trust helps make conversions. Symantec’s own Jeff Barto was one of the presenters. I encourage you to give a listen, and learn something new about the video social outreach. A full replay is available here.

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