Part 2: 5 reasons to add security to your MSP offerings

In today’s business climate, SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) are relying more heavily than ever on their managed services providers (MSPs). Keeping the company’s network running in tiptop shape is still the prime directive, but the methods to maintain it have evolved. Cybersecurity services have become a necessary part of the equation. Some MSPs have already adapted to this growing trend and discovered that delivering managed security services has enhanced their own business just as much as their client’s.

Yes, Macs are susceptible to ransomware, too

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By now we’ve demystified the myth that Macs are impervious to harm. The cybercrime world has caught up to the technology, and no computer — PC nor Mac — is safe. We have recently discussed some growing Mac concerns, like the rise in adware attacks and a full system slowdown caused by too much clutter, but now we need to talk about something even more malicious: Ransomware.

Shop with SafePrice and save

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 If you’re reading the Avast blog, chances are you’re not the type to sleep off your tryptophan coma camped outside of Walmart the night of Thanksgiving . . . AKA Black Friday Eve. We’re guessing you feel most at home shopping online, because, well, you’re still at home. (Quick public service message—never do your online shopping over public Wi-Fi. Keep your private details on your private network. If you MUST shop over public Wi-Fi, use a VPN to keep you safe.)

Avast Business Endpoint Protection: A closer look at our four AV shields

Last month, AV-Comparatives recognized our new Antivirus Pro Plus software as effective protection against malware and as an ideal fit for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). This high-level of threat detection is also standard in each of our new…