Introducing New Policy Based Encryption Options for Symantec™ Email

Today Symantec introduces the new Policy Based Encryption Essentials functionality to the Email Safeguard and Email and Web Safeguard plans of Email

This new functionality will give customers the ability to push encrypted messages to recipients with no dependencies on encryption technologies supported by the third party. Policy Based Encryption Essentials will be available to all new and existing Email Safeguard and Email and Web Safeguard customers, or any customer provisioned with the Email Data Protection service.

Additionally, Symantec is simplifying our encryption options for Email by reducing to a single encryption provider. The Policy Based Encryption (E) add-on service will be enhanced and renamed to Symantec™ Policy Based Encryption Advanced.

The Policy Based Encryption Advanced add-on will continue to be fully brandable and will support existing Push and Pull encryption methods along with new encryption technologies which will help ensure that enterprises can communicate securely with each other, no matter which encryption platforms they have. 

These new features will be available to existing PBE E customers and new customers who purchase the Policy Based Encryption Advanced add-on. Policy Based Encryption Advanced requires the Email Email Safeguard plan, Email and Web Safeguard plan, or Email Data Protection.

To learn more about the new features available in Policy Based Encryption Advanced, download the data sheet.

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