Drive Website Sales With Security Technology; Increasing Customer Conversions

In the sales world when we look at the sales cycle we tend to see everything as a funnel.  It has a wide open mouth at the top with narrower pipe at the end representing our sales.  As a business leader you look at each portion of the sales process to evaluate your success at each point to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.  Customer conversion rates are highly important.  Abandoned shopping carts are worrisome.  The checkout process for online retail sales is critical.  So how can you use security technology to drive customer conversion?  How can you widen the portion of the sales “funnel” at the checkout process and drive more sales?

At Symantec we have two very strong options you can leverage.

  1. Leverage the power of the Norton Secured Seal, the most trusted seal on the web.  Take a look at this interesting infographic by Conversion Voodoo, specialists in online retail optimization.   This infographic takes 6 of the most common problems in the online retail process and provides solid solutions.  Scroll down to the second problem “Customers don’t trust the site.”  What is the first solution?  “Clearly display security logos.”  US Cutter used the Norton Secure seal and they saw an 11% increase in their conversion rate and a 52% lift in sales from paid search.   If you have Symantec SSL/TLS certificates for your site you can use the Norton Secured Seal free of charge; just go to the install page.  Need some?  Visit our site.
  2. Using Extended Validation (EV) certificates makes a strong impact to anyone visiting your site.  Why?  It will turn the address bar on site green.  Customers will see the lock and will know you have a secured site.  Furthermore any potential customers using Norton AntiVirus will see the Norton Secured Seal next to your site’s listing in search results.  This drives more traffic to your site.  See the address bar on this blog?  Note the green bar, lock, and the "s" after "http."

The added benefits that Symantec SSL certificates bring to the table are:

  • Daily malware scanning
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Expanded warranty coverage
  • SGC (Server gated cryptography) which means customers using older web browsers can access your site safely.

Trust is paramount in converting browsers to buyers and the Norton Secured Seal drives that customer confidence.  Curious about what our customers think?  Click here to see how the seal has increased trust and revenue for ecommerce sites everywhere.  Do you have a seal success story you’d like to share? Please feel free to contact me at

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