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Reviving the Rational Middle

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In my previous blog posts, I have often argued that the internet brings latent conflicts to the fore, whether we are discussing fake news, government surveillance, nation-state cybersecurity or hate speech. Now, I’d like to make the case that it also works the other way, as we witness the opposite happen such as in  Charlottesville, where white supremacist groups marched with lit torches. Tensions that have long been simmering online have now moved into the realm of face-to-face interaction, where they have exploded with fresh force. Difficult chapters of America’s history have resurfaced; viewpoints we would like to think have been eradicated are still very much alive. The episodes in Charlottesville were painful to watch, absolutely, but perhaps it is better to have these elements of society exposed. If they remain outside of the public’s awareness, we can continue to collectively deny their existence. If they are brought to the surface, we must confront them and react, hopefully in a way that aligns with our guiding principles.

Securing the Total Network: Data, Devices, and People

If you’re in the business of securing networks for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), there is a volume of new challenges you’re most likely tackling. Cybercrime such as ransomware is more pervasive than ever before, with employee error contributing to the risks. The growing amount of connected devices in the workplace has only added to the number of endpoints that need to be managed, and this is made all the more challenging by an industry shortage of cyberskills.

Additional information regarding the recent CCleaner APT security incident

We would like to update our customers and the general public on the latest findings regarding the investigation of the recent CCleaner security incident. As published in our previous blog posts (here and here), analysis of the CnC server showed that th…

Avast now protects Aircel mobile customers

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At Mobile World Congress Americas last week, we unveiled our new collaboration with Aircel Limited Partners to provide Avast Mobile Security to the Indian network’s 85 million subscribers. Over seventy-five percent of India’s mobile users rely on smartphones as their primary internet source; and at a time when mobile threats are increasing on a worldwide scale, Aircel realized the necessity of safeguarding their customer’s personal information and privacy. They turned to Avast.

First MWCA was a rousing success!

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Tens of thousands of attendees converged upon the Moscone Center in San Francisco last week for the first Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA), a meeting of thought leaders in the mobile world. There were exhibits, press events, booths, demonstrations, lectures, and discussions. In addition to mobile, a big topic on everyone’s mind was cybersecurity for the internet of things (IoT). With increasingly more household devices becoming “smart” and connected and operated via mobile app, people are realizing the necessity of cybersecurity for everything.

Security for an underserved market: SMBs

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As the company that pioneered easy, affordable, and strong security protection for consumers, we know a few things about security. This month, we had the chance to show how we are bringing this expertise to a market we believe is underserved when it comes to security—small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).