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Faster Than a Speeding Bullet: Superhero Searches Pose Online Risks

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s… going to crash your computer? Little did Batman know the search for him across the World Wide Web almost singlehandedly brought down several of his fans’ computers. Across town in her invisible jet, Wonder Woman had no clue that in searching her out, fans’ computers were getting infected Read more…

Double the Security, Double the Fun: Protect Your Social Passwords with Two-Step Verification

It’s not all fun and games when it comes to your favorite social media sites. Many of the top sites such as Facebook and Twitter are used for entertainment and leisure, but they also store vital information identity thieves would love to get their hands on and disrupt your online life. For instance, personal login information Read more…

Six reasons to use avast! SecureLine VPN when traveling

Whether on business travel or vacation, you don’t want to worry about the security of your devices when you connect to the internet. Using a WiFi network in a café, airport, or hotel is a serious security risk that requires additional protection to secure your data and computer. avast! SecureLine VPN is now completely integrated […]

Anca: French Princess of the FREEKs

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Anca Elena Amariei is a new member of the FREEking wonderful AVAST social media team which now boasts Community Managers for our French, Spanish, and Russian speaking communities. Together with Albert Soriano and Anna Shirokova, these vibrant, talented people make up the A-Team! Anca is Romanian with such a love for the language of Voltaire that […]

Anna: Russian Princess of the FREEks

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Anna Shirokova has joined the AVAST Social media team along with two other Community Managers: Albert Soriano and Anca Elena Amariei to create our A-Team. Anna is a native Russian speaker, living in Prague. When I met her for the first time, Anna was constantly busy with her mobile updating statuses across social media, I thought: […]

Keep Your Device Safe This Summer: Mobile Travel Tips from McAfee

It’s that time again: long sunny days, vacations in warm locales—the last thing you want to worry about as you’re planning your next summer getaway is being duped by travel-related scams on phony websites or having your identity stolen if your mobile device goes missing while on vacation. Previously, we’ve discussed best practices to keep Read more…

Albert: Spanish Prince of the FREEks

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Albert Soriano, our new Spanish community manager, joins Russian manager Anna Shirokova  and French manager Anca Elena Amariei, to form the A-Team! Albert has an interest in social media and new technology, plus he’s a long-time AVAST user – a perfect combination for a Prince of the FREEks. He’s a university student studying Multimedia engineering and […]

No More Lost Data: Connect Your Mobile Device Offline

We’d all like to think that with the current offerings and enhancements in mobile services we have unfailing access to the information superhighway. High-bandwidth, mobile networks (4G LTE) promise the speediest connection for all of your data—email, photo posts, check-ins—anywhere, anytime. The truth is that although we feel completely connected through our mobile devices, this Read more…

Adult Voice-Service Apps on Google Play Japan Charge Users Without Notice

McAfee has reported on increasing fraudulent Android applications on Google Play in Japan this year, including one-click fraud applications and fraudulent adult dating service applications. The attackers are still looking for new victims using various techniques. We have also found a new variant of the one-click fraud application that lures careless users into adult voice-connection Read more…

avast! Mobile Security gets Editors’ Choice Award from PC Magazine

PC Magazine awarded avast! Mobile Security the Editors’ Choice Award for free Android security apps thanks to its “huge array of powerful tools and fine-grained controls.” A major concern for smartphone owners is the increasing threat of malicious software targeting Android OS. Max Eddy, software analyst for PC Magazine, writes that, “avast! is well-positioned to guard […]