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Sharing AVAST on Throwback Thursday

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Thursday is a fun day because we get to look back in time at how things were in the good ol’ days. It’s Throwback Thursday! AVAST is the world’s most popular antivirus software because our happy users recommend avast! Antivirus to their friends. Some think of creative ways to share. Here are a few examples: […]

Download with Caution! McAfee Identifies Risky Mobile App Sources

As more people use mobile devices in their daily lives, those devices are rendering them increasingly vulnerable to infection through the very apps we rely on to make our lives easier. According to McAfee’s recent report, “Mobile Security: McAfee Consumer Trends Report – June 2013”, malware threats have not only increased for mobile devices, but Read more…

Are You Stressed Out About Passwords? Consider a Simple Option

Used correctly, passwords help keep your personal information safe, and if you’re like me, you probably have dozens (or in my case hundreds) of online accounts and mobile apps that require one. So it’s no surprise that people have adapted some coping strategies to make passwords memorable yet distinctive. The most common mistake consumers made, Read more…

An unusual AVAST spotting

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When AVAST CTO, Ondrej Vlcek, was in Munich recently, he took an after-dinner stroll to see the Frauenkirche cathedral. Right next door to the cathedral is the Ferrari store, so he paused to do some window shopping. “Pretty standard stuff inside – lots of red t-shirts, red baseball hats and bunch of other clothing, plus […]

Cybercrooks use vacation posts to scam family members

Summertime means vacation time, and many of us brag share our plans on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. A recent survey by MoneyGram found that nearly one-third of consumers aged 18-49 post details about their vacations on social media before or during their trip, essentially broadcasting to the world when they will be […]

Bitcoin Phishing Campaign Hits Trusted Search Engines

Sometimes it pays to wait to see how new technologies play out. Such is the case with Bitcoin — a virtual currency which allows users to purchase goods over the Internet. While the nascent currency is gaining a strong following of legitimate users, it still suffers from some key weaknesses. The most recent example comes Read more…

#useAVAST winners share recommendations with friends

Our first “#useAVAST” Hashtag challenge is over and it’s time to announce the results. As always, YOU have proven what an engaged and creative community AVAST has. We’ve seen plenty of Facebook and Google+ posts and Tweets with your personal recommendations. It has convinced us that we should be giving you this opportunity more often, […]

avast! Mobile Security aces test

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avast! Mobile Security came out on top from a pool of thirty mobile security products for Android in AV-TEST’s product reviews and certifications. Protection The testers threw over 2,500 malicious apps, including viruses, worms, and Trojan horses, at each product. avast! Mobile Security earned a score of 100 percent in detection, above the industry standard […]

OWASP: The Best Web App Security Resource On The Internet

James Bond is known for having it all: fast cars, the latest spy gizmo, and the smug smirk which lets the audience know that he’ll always come out on top in the end. Web developers can, at times, be a lot like Bond: they can buy fast cars and, thanks to their respective industries, take Read more…