Anca: French Princess of the FREEKs

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Anca Elena AmarieiAnca Elena Amariei is a new member of the FREEking wonderful AVAST social media team which now boasts Community Managers for our French, Spanish, and Russian speaking communities. Together with Albert Soriano and Anna Shirokova, these vibrant, talented people make up the A-Team! Anca is Romanian with such a love for the language of Voltaire that she certified it with a B2 niveau DELF (Diplôme d’Études de Langue Française). She’s a highly social person both online and offline, and you can see from her picture, that she has loads of personality. We are very pleased to welcome Anca to AVAST as our Community Manager for French speakers. Look for Anca, Albert, and Anna on Facebook, Twitter, and Vkontakte, and please say hello (or bonjour, or ¡hola, or ??????). :-)

How did you learn that AVAST was looking for new Queens/Kings of the FREEks, and what convinced you to apply for this role?
I was part of a Facebook Group reuniting participants at the Second Annual Social Media and PR Summit in Amsterdam and AVAST announcement there raised my interest. I decided to get in touch with the AVAST team after some discussions with Julia Szymanska and solving a small assignment she gave me. It was a pretty spontaneous thing, but I believe that we need in life a certain degree of unpredictibility to make it funnier :-) . I got convinced to join the Queens & Kings of the FREEks as I have an active and curious passion about social media which I would like to feed with valuable practice. I am natively a public relations professional and online communication is one of my favorite topics. Also, French is a sweet love of mine, so social media + French are a perfect combination in this case. :-)

What turns you on about social media?
I truly believe that social media is the “big thing” which radically changed the communication landscape and the way people engage with brands. Social media comes to finally meet publics’ desire of open dialogue and interaction. There are no more communication barriers and those in charge with communities management are facing an exciting challenge.

What is that “special thing”  that AVAST users can expect from you?
I am focused on being fast and as much as possible available. They can expect having in me a reliable partner, trying to do my best to solve issues and encourage open communication.

Why should AVAST users start following AVAST’s French Twitter account?
The French speakers & users community is a very strong one for AVAST, therefore having a dedicated Twitter account means having AVAST professionals and advice even closer and more accessible. So, use with unconditional trust AVAST French Twitter account, as we are determined to transform it into a useful tool for our users’ demands. Follow the AVAST French Twitter account.

How would you describe your experience with the AVAST brand, as a user and now as a community manager?
I found within this team and brand a lot of openness and goodwill, as well as desire to share experiences and knowledge in order to improve our practices. I am pleased to join a very vivid and effervescent group, focused on building a 100 % social business.

What does #beFree mean to you?
Be creative, be open minded, share your thoughts, interact, give feedback and make the most of every experience. :-)

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