Albert: Spanish Prince of the FREEks

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Albert Soriano, our new Spanish community manager, joins Russian manager Anna Shirokova  and French manager Anca Elena Amariei, to form the A-Team! Albert has an interest in social media and new technology, plus he’s a long-time AVAST user – a perfect combination for a Prince of the FREEks. He’s a university student studying Multimedia engineering and somehow he still finds time to writes articles about video games and new technology for a Spanish digital magazine called Ñ We are happy to welcome Albert to AVAST.

How did you learn that AVAST was looking for new Queens / Kings of the FREEks, and what convinced you to apply for this role?
Curiously, I learned that AVAST was looking for some new Queens/Kings of the FREEks through Twitter. I saw a tweet from AVAST offering a job as part of the social media team and I said: “¿Why not? I spend a lot of time on social networks and I love technology so that’s a perfect job for me! “ And here I am! :-)

What turns you on about social media?
There are a lot of things from social media that fascinates me. Probably, the main thing is the possibility of communicate with people from around the world just in seconds. That’s amazing, don’t you thing so?

What is that “special thing“  that AVAST users can expect from you?
Good question! I spend a lot of hours in social networks so I will answer to the AVAST users as fast as I can. And I’ve got a lot of humor sense, so we will have fun!

Why should AVAST users start following the AVAST Spanish Twitter account?
The Hispanic community is one of the biggest communities in the world and not everybody speaks English so, if they follow AVAST Spanish account, they won’t have to worry about the language to stay updated with the last news and tips. Follow the news and fun on the AVAST Spanish Twitter account.

How would you describe your experience with the AVAST brand, as a user and now as a community manager?
I’ve been using avast! Antivirus a lot of years to protect my devices (computers and smartphone), and I’ve never experienced any problem with AVAST. Now, as a community manager, I can see the big effort from AVAST to solve all the user’s problems and to keep them updated with the last news related with IT security. We are an awesome team! :-)

What does #beFree mean to you?
Do all I want and go everywhere without any worries. That’s what AVAST does while you are using your computer, don’t you think? ;)

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