Avast champions new generation of cybersecurity talent at Cambridge University’s annual hackathon

Starting tomorrow, in Cambridge, more than 300 student hackers, programmers, and designers will put their creative and technical competence to the test over an exciting 24-hour period, developing projects that push the boundaries of technology—a new generation of talent that may change the landscape of things to come. 

Downloaders on Google Play spreading malware to steal Facebook login details

Multiple downloaders, malicious apps that download further malicious apps to infected devices, have made it onto the Google Play Store. The downloaders are capable of downloading further apps that pose as system apps, some of which are capable of steal…

Why security is a unique challenge for AI

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When I think of the unique challenges faced by AI researchers in security, it reminds me of an excerpt from the Harry Potter series. At the beginning of Book 6, the Minister of Magic pays a visit to the  (muggle) Prime Minister to warn him about evil deeds being carried out by dark wizards. The Prime Minister is understandably scared and confused. In frustration, he implores, “But for heaven’s sake—you’re wizards! You can do magic! Surely you can sort out—well—anything!” The Minister of Magic replies pragmatically, “The trouble is, the other side can do magic too.”

Top Security Challenges for 2018: Feedback from Avast Channel Partners

Last month, we shared security predictions for 2018 from a few of our Avast Business partners. We also asked about top challenges they will face in the coming year, securing IT environments and protecting their small and medium-sized business (SMB) cli…

The password is …. “2o18!_N3w_Y3ar’s_Re$olUt1on”

There’s no time like the present to gift yourself with a New Year’s resolution that will pay off in countless  ways. Over this last year, you’ve likely heard more than enough headline-breaking news about phishing, ransomware, and—to use some urban slang—getting “pwned”.

Meltdown and Spectre: Yes, your device is likely vulnerable

Details have emerged this week regarding two different—and both substantial—security flaws in almost every computer processor in use today. This affects Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. It’s important to note that as of yet, no malware or cyberattack has been associated with these flaws, but now that the information is in the public domain, that could change. Either of the flaws could lead to your computer’s memory being compromised, which means sensitive data—passwords, photos, credit card details—can be accessed and stolen. Here’s a breakdown of the two vulnerabilities:

Cybersecurity: Reality Check

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Avast asked small business owners and employees about their current concerns on a number of topics: from hacking and ransomware to mobile security and artificial intelligence. We then researched facts, stats and quotes related to each topic to see whether people’s concerns were corroborated by real world events, or whether we’re needlessly anxious…